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Auction Business & e-Commerce Assistance

In online business, global competition and the growing pace of demand rapid deployment of highly adaptable online auction systems. The organizational boundaries that have traditionally constrained applications are giving way to the opportunities inherent in electronic commerce and networked operations. Today, the geography of online auction business & e-Commerce can be extend far beyond an organization's boundaries, literally into consumer's home. It is possible to think of such online auction portals such as eBay, Amazon, froogle etc. and working with e-Commerce websites such as Magento, Joomla, Virtuemart, ZenCart etc.

"No matter what you sell we are ready to assist you on your e-Com business."

Magicsolv is an efficient Auction Business & e-Commerce solution provider who offers a complete online auction business & e-Commerce solution services with over 7+ years of reputable experience and personal dedication to all your online business needs. Our Online auction business & e-Commerce solution services enable organizations to reduce time to market, get closer to customers, achieve long-term and profitable growth. Magicsolv's e-Com Assistance staff has the experience, knowledge and dedication to ensure you receive top dollar for your items by conducting a well-organized, professional auction.

e-Commerce Solutions:

Joomla Based Website/Store Administration/Assistance
Joomla is an open source professional-level CMS that provides flexibility to developer for custom visual and functional design. Joomla is best known for being a professional solution for e-Commerce sites for which Magicsolv Adminstrative Services has the distinction for providing world class Joomla services to its clients.

Our Joomla Based Website/Store Administration/Assistance includes:
  • Joomla Website/Store Administration
  • Joomla Product Upload
  • SEO for Joomla Shopping Cart
  • Inventory/Attribute/Category loads into Joomla
  • Joomla Commerce Adminstration
  • Navigation of products through category/sub categories.
We also offer administrative services for Virtuemart and ZenCart e-commerance based website/stores. And we have been administrating websites/e-stores successfully and maintaining long term relationship with our valuable clients. Would you like us to work on your project? If Yes, Feel Free to Contact Us or Request for a Quote Now.

Magento Based Website/Store Administration/Assistance
Magento is an open-source platform powered with rich features that provides robust flexibility and control over content, the look, and functionality of the e-Commerce Store. Magento’s administration interface features, powerful marketing tools, search engine optimization tools and catalog-management tools give power to create sites that are made-to-order to the unique business needs of the merchants. Magento offers merchants the ultimate e-Commerce solution. Many big names in the business world like Samsung, Adidas, Time out, Peace LoveWorld, Lenovo, and many others uses Magento e-commerce.

Magicsolv, helps sellers or store owner running on Magento platform and provides multiple administrative services that enable the merchants to run online business easily and manage online store.

At, we offer the following Magento Services
  • Magento Store Administration
  • Magento Product Upload
  • SEO for Magento Shopping Cart
  • Inventory/Attribute/Category loads into Magento
  • Magento Commerce Adminstration
  • Navigation of products through category
Would you like us to work on your project? If Yes, Feel Free to Contact Us or Request for a Quote Now.

Auction Business Services (eBay, Amazon, Froogle, Yahoo Stores etc):

Magicsolv bringing our years of experience attractive designing, effective web sites to designing your Online Auction Business. It's the easiest way to make extra cash on the world's most popular auction service web sites. We offer the quality services for your online auction business. Our professional team burn the mid night oil to top you online business at different auction websites such as eBay, Amazon, Froogle etc.

If you’re looking to increase repeat sales, increase your customer service productivity, and differentiate yourself as a good eBay seller. Magicsolv offers quality solutions for eBay, Amazon, Froogle Sellers/Power Store.

You have landed at the right place with right team!
  • Having 7+ Years of experience working at eBay.
  • Working with Power Sellers, and eBay Stores.
  • Deal with 1500+ customer queries daily.
  • Solving the customer problem, not just reply to an email.
We think about questions that you might ask if you were a buyer in their shoes. We make sure that your listing designs and descriptions are populated cleanly with enough information to answer questions, but not overwhelming. For e.g. including detailed pictures, shipping details, payment instructions & methods and product specific questions.

"A few small things will help to build goodwill for future purchases"

Listing Design: We know how important it is to find a design company that can both understand your ideas, and then deliver the desired end product. At Listing Design we listen to our client, and tailor our service to meet your needs. Item Listing Design; unique and custom design including all HTML & graphics. With extensive knowledge of both eBay and Web Design, we believe that we can offer the right balance between listing design and affordability. We offer our eBay listings and eBay store templates design services so whether you are a new/small business wanting to start off in the right way, or an established seller looking to take yourself to the next level, you will find pricing to suit your budget.

Product Listing Title Optimization and Content (Title/Description) building for SEO purpose: Despite 50% of online purchases being researched via a search engine, mostly eBay sellers ignore the potential of search engines to drive traffic to their listings. By optimizing your eBay Store, your products could improve their rankings in the search results on major search engines and boost your sales. Product ad titles optimization tells the user a little bit about your product, service or company. Paid search should begin with the ad title. Many times the keyword will be the title of your product ad.

When looking for a product, a customer visits a search engine and enters a search term or keyword, for which the search engine produces a list of results that it considers most relevant. It is by understanding how this list of results is produced that your eBay page can be optimized. The ranking of a web page for a keyword depends on three things:
  • The position and frequency of the keyword on the web page.
  • The content of the page’s HTML tags: The search engine also looks at the content of the title and meta tags of the page’s HTML code.
  • The links going to that web page.
We help professionally to gain the best keyword for your product to gain a top position at eBay Product Search Engine. We use different techs to yield the best results. Our clients are enjoying the similar services and now their sales are very high as they are competing their competitors. Check our Reviews Section for the same. We use TeraPeak, and Market Research Pro tools to research for the best keyword for your products.

Customer Care Services: Magicsolv's Email Customer Support Services will examine your current and projected e-mail support traffic to make sure every valuable customer correspondence is handled quickly, efficiently and in a courteous manner. Before your product or marketing campaign launches, Customer Support Service can work with you to forecast your support needs. We can set up teams to meet the varying levels of mails your products may receive. At Magicsolv we research your products, and create knowledge base to answer the customer queries. We work with scripts, and can be modified to reply the customer appropriately. We are working with 5 eBay Power Seller and 7 others. Check out our clients, or Reviews Section for more details.

Other services involves:
  • Working efficiently with THIRD PARTY CHECKOUT SYSTEM, such as Channel Advisor and Market Place.
  • Extensive experience with eBay Turbo Lister and Sales Pro Manager.
  • Handling UPI Disputes.
  • Order Processing.
  • Warehouse Management.
  • Product Image Processing.
  • Resend/Refund Policies.
  • Inventory Control.
Others are gaining good ROI; so don't just wait, get your website benefited with our premier Auction Business Services. Contact Us or ask for a Free quote. You can always visit our Portfolio Page to view our processed project samples. We also recommend you to review our Client's Feedback.