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Magicsolv's Call Center systems combine the latest technology with exceptional customer service. Our comprehensive capabilities use our talent, dedication and resources to leave a powerful impression on you and your customers. Magicsolv International is one of the best Call Center Services provider in India. Our call center services use the most advanced call-routing, real-time Customer Relationship Management (CRM) technology to infuse seamlessly our call center services with benchmark flexibility, resourcefulness all the benefits real-time customer communication can provide.

  • Magicsolv's customized solutions aid our clients in overcoming many of the barriers to increasing customer satisfaction and breakthrough earnings, including Eliminating gaps in customer service availability.
  • Accelerated customer response times.
  • Increasing person-to-person talk time.
  • Speeding market entry.
  • Lowering operational overhead.
  • Increasing available on site personnel.
Magicsolv's call center representatives are trained customer service specialists. To create your seamless and transparent call center integration, our operators can answer the phone in your company name, and treat your callers with the poise and professionalism of your own front office personnel.

Email based Support: Magicsolv offers an email based customer support. We are experienced and dedicated to hold your online store on eBay, Amazon, Froogle etc. We provide all the email based customer support either it is related with your online store or a product specific to your website.

Technical Offline/Online Support: We offer technical supports for your electronic product/service. Our trained and experienced staff provides a quality technical support to your customers. We handle these issues professionally and accurately and bring a full satisfaction to your customer. We have 4+ years experience in technical support services whether it is online or offline.

Live Chat Support: Magicsolv’s live chat support service, affordable and easy-to-deploy, live chat and contact center solutions that increase sales and reduce service costs. Our Live Chat Support Service is flexible enough to fit any support service, whether it is technical, sales or information-based.

Extraordinary 24/7 Emergency Dispatch Services: How can your clients reach you when they need you most? Difficult circumstances require a rapid response, and your cell phone or pager may not be enough on its own. You need an emergency paging plan of action that will ensure that someone in your organization is reached when your clients have urgent dispatch needs. Emergency paging services from Magicsolv can be the solution to your emergency paging needs.

Answering Service: At Magicsolv, we appreciate the fact your company needs to deliver the highest levels of customer satisfaction and responsive professionalism to your customers. We realize that your calls are vital to the success of your business, and they are vital to us as well. Magicsolv's operators can treat your callers as if they were our own. Our goal is to make them feel as though they've reached your front office, providing a seamless and transparent telephone answering service solution.

Appointments Setting: If your business relies on making engagements with your customers, then you need a reliable appointment service. When your clients want to schedule an appointment, they want to be able to do so at their convenience. A friendly voice goes a long way in keeping them coming back to you. Our Appointment Service Agents are always ready to help your customers with the consideration they expect and deserve.

Business Answering: Magicsolv's goal is to bring you executive-level Business Answering Service solutions. Our qualified customer care representatives and state-of-the-art technology means that Magicsolv delivers results with his world-class answering service solutions. Whenever you need live message taking, online order taking, service dispatching, dynamic paging, or live call transfers - Magicsolv stands ready to answer the call. Our business answering service solutions lead the industry by maintaining the highest levels of customer service and professional care. Magicsolv's Business Services employ staffing standards that focus on attracting, training, and retaining highly skilled professionals in the answering service industry.

Event Registration: Magicsolv uses the latest event registration technology in combination with outstanding customer service to provide your business with the only answer you need for event registration outsourcing and management. Whether you need online event registration or more traditional event registration services, take a look at what Magicsolv's Event Registration Solutions can do for you.
  • Magicsolv's event registration contact center employs the latest in online event registration, call-routing software, and Voice Over IP (VOIP) technology to combine a traditional event registration service with all the benefits that the internet can provide. Call Monitoring Services and Voicemail delivery via email support mean your event registration can be managed securely and efficiently.
  • Additionally, if you expect a high call volume, Magicsolv's systems allow us to closely monitor call flow and track your calls. This provides a scalable architecture to ensure that calls going to your event registration service are given the attention they deserve. Based on both Linux and Windows platforms.
  • Magicsolv's Java-enabled event registration call center employs redundant RAID servers to deliver dependable uptime.

Inbound Call Center:  Customer care is a critically important business activity of a BPO Firm, and we at Magicsolv enable our clients to provide their customers with unparalleled levels of customer service.

"Let Magicsolv take care of your customers with our featured services"
  • Product Support: Let us support your product with our call center when your customers have questions, concerns, or need information.
  • Customer Feedback: Customers have a wealth of feedback on products and services, let us help you channel those into improvements and enhancements to current products in the market.
  • Technical Support: Helping customers get off the ground with a new product or service can be sometimes a challenge, let our experienced call center team help them through the process.
  • 24 Hour Responsiveness: Being on call around the clock for your customers' needs we can help answer questions and support your customer no matter what time of day or night with our around the clock call center.
  • Lead Capture: Let the Magicsolv call center capture the lead for you. Whether it's a response to a direct mail campaign, television advertisement, or online advertising Magicsolv can help capture leads for you.
  • Cross-Selling: Do you need someone BPO firm who can help sell additional items with your current focus items, Magicsolv can help add those additional accessories items to help increase your revenues per customer.
  • Qualification: Tired of having to wade through leads that just aren't ready to close, we can help. We can deliver serious leads that have been pre-qualified to your specifications.
  • Closing the sale: Closing the sale can be hard, especially if the sales cycle is a long one or you don't have a call center take to the calls. We can help you shorten the cycle and help you close your most difficult sales quickly.
Ticketing Support: Magicsolv seamlessly integrates inquiries created via email and web-based forms into a simple easy to use multi-user web interface. Magicsolv is a flexible turn-key solution, allowing you to implement effective support channels, e-mail management and manage self-help resources. Ticketing Help Desks are easily managed, organized and archived all your support requests and responses in one place while providing your clients with accountability and responsiveness they deserve.
  • Lead Generation
  • Local Answering
  • Order Processing
  • Medical Answering
  • Small Business
  • Virtual Office
  • Voicemail Service
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