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PDF (Portable Document Format) - One of the most widely used universal document distribution formats available today. PDF is used for representing two-dimensional documents in a manner independent of the application software, hardware, and operating system. Our expertise in converting PDF documents to and from a diverse range of formats has made Magicsolv International a World Leader in PDF Processing.

Converting from PDF: Our unique in-house developed programs and expertise allows us to convert PDF documents to a variety of formats whilst retaining the format and layout of the original PDF file. Converting documents to PDF format gives you the ability to email documents to customers in change-protected mode, to replicate presentation materials in print shops without any troubles with missing fonts or broken layouts.

  • PDF to Word, PDF to HTML.
  • PDF to Excel, PDF to XML.
  • PDF to Text, PDF to XHTML.
  • And Many More
Where data is stored as PDF but requires updating or to use in an alternative format our conversion process is both cost effective and efficient. PDF was designed to be a print-layout format, and not intended to be editable.

Converting to PDF: Whether the source data is hardcopy or a diverse range of electronic formats we create a full range of PDF output options including:
  • PDF Image Only.
  • PDF Image Overlay - OCR hidden text.
  • Full PDF Conversion.
All with an extensive range of quality levels and options. For image based PDF files we utilize the latest high compression technology to reduce the size of Image PDF's giving the perfect solution of the original document with fully searchable hidden text. The fact is, the job of PDF conversion is rarely done perfectly, and you should expect to have to do some cleanup. Whether your requirement is for basic PDF or highly sophisticated PDF presentations, we produce professional PDF documents with a full range of options.

XML - SGML - HTML - XHTML - MARC Service: For several years we have developed and extended our expertise and capacity in document data tagging. e-Publishing is now a major area of our production, with a department dedicated to e-publishing related projects with specialist programmers and skilled quality and administrative support teams our expertise is second to none. Magicsolv can convert the data from any formats to XML-SGML-HTML-XHTML-MARC. Our e-publishing customers now include many of the World's largest International Publishers and companies and organizations large and small from a wide cross section of market sectors.

So diverse is our customer base, that the many hundreds of documents we process each day varies from straight forward text documents, web based information articles, books etc, to complex manuals and structured financial and legal documents. Working with client specific DTD and document specification we process any type of data not just in English but many other languages. In many instances we process data the same day to ensure a seamless interaction among our customers and ourselves.

eBook Conversion - OEB: eBook Publishing; The next evolution in digital publishing. Using our extensive expertise we have developed our own in-house processes which enable us to easily and efficiently replicate the original data or documents to an eBook. Our dedicated electronic publishing department create the desired file output to maximize portability, versatility and the interactivity of electronic books enabling eBooks to be read on a notebook, palm or desktop computer, tailored to suit the individual requirements of the reader.

Magicsolv create electronic books from hard copy source material including images/photos and graphic displays, and from all types of electronic formats for e.g. HTML, Frame Maker, Quark, MS Word and many other formats for many of the world's largest international publishers and organizations. Magicsolv provide eBook conversion solutions which include cost-effective conversion of content from electronic and paper sources (any format) into eBook (most popular formats, like (PML), ETI (formerly Gemstar), Print-on-demand (PDF, TIFF, PostScript). eBooks we produce are available on many of the major book sites.

ePub Conversion Services: Along with the other eBook conversion, Magicsolv also provide ePub conversion services. ePub file extension is for Open eBook (or OEB) which is the e-book format based on XML format and defined by Open Publication Structure (OPS) specification.

As the trend of reading eBooks is gaining popularity, ePub format is also becoming the fast preferred industry standard world-wide. More and more publishers and authors are now developing their books in ePub eBook format along with the Kindle, Mobipocket and Microsoft reader. The ePub reader files can be read on wide range of electronic book readers with the help of Adobe Digital Editions, FBReader, Lexcycle Stanza , Mobipocket Reader, Openberg Lector and others.

The conversion process of ePub format is also like of other eBook format. The simplicity or difficulty in conversion process largely depend upon the file to be converted. With extensive usage of images, tables, layout formatting into the book that needs to be converted to ePub increases the conversion task quite difficult. At such point of time taking help of ePub eBook conversion service provider is inevitable.

Magicsolv International is the leader in ePub Service Provider. We will provide you full support to convert your any format book to ePub eBook format no matter in which format your book consist of. We can convert normally any format book such as word to ePub format, pdf to ePub format, scanned document to ePub format, paperback to ePub format, etc. We convert the books only for authors, publishers or anybody who has the copyright of the books. If the book is no longer copyright protected, then please provide us the details on it. Please review the samples files, where you can get more clear picture of our work Sample1 and Sample 2.

Others are gaining good ROI; so don't just wait, get your website benefited with our premier e-Publishing Service. Contact Us or ask for a Free Quote. You can always visit our Portfolio Page to view our processed project samples. We also recommend you to review our Client's Feedback.