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Are you struggling to market your company/website/products/services on the Web?

!! You've come to the right place !!

To an extent, Internet marketing is harder than traditional store front marketing. Internet Marketing doesn't bring in walk-in traffic. There are many ways to market and advertise your website and start Online Promotion. You can setup an email campaign, multiple pay-per-click campaigns, can optimize your website, participate in affiliate programs and much more.

Magicsolv can help to design an internet marketing plan so you can start acquiring traffic. While most other internet marketing firms tout their proprietary and keyword-finding software. Whereas we start our research by talking to you and your staff to know about your requirements. We make strategy for generating an extensive campaign, but we produce our ads and bid keywords based on feedback loops that are tied to research and real time data.

"What if you built a website and nobody visited?"

Internet marketing is the most cost effective solution for online promotion or service on the internet and to get visitors to your website, converting them into your potential clients. You can have the best internet marketing firm but it is all in vain if no body comes to know about you or who visits your Index page. We provide the website promotion services with right internet marketing strategy which will deliver a steady and strong sales growth.

Key Features:

Social Network Marketing: Viral Marketing is a term used to describe any advertising online that relies primarily on word of mouth to gain brand recognition. While highly unpredictable, Viral Marketing can create the kind of product or service explosion many companies need to grow. Magicsolv offers many online Social Network Marketing solutions that will not only create conversions, but will boost your Search Engine visibility and get people talking about your company, products and services.

Magicsolv International a social network marketing firm offers you social consulting to help your company grow beyond it's current bounds using online social networks. We can help build successful and active social communities on several of the Internet's top social networking communities relevant to your company's target demographics. Magicsolv International is a leading nightlife, online social network marketing firm and promotions company with over 7 years of experience in the field. We have marketed thousands of campaigns including events for leading global nightclub/stores/entrepreneur and big businesses.

We are now offering our online expertise to firms looking to maximize online exposure through social networking. Websites such as:

Facebook Marketing:

From creating a company profile page, to targeted advertising, to full blown Facebook Application development, Magicsolv has the ability to get you exposure on the internet's fastest growing social application. We will create your business facebook account by using your web description, will complete your profile with your all web information, web URL, your business logos and photos and then will add worthy peoples to your facebook account which will make some benefits out of it. Then we will create groups, events and pages about your industry, about your services and will promote your website in a legal way by using your facebook account.

YouTube Marketing:

Creating interesting video content on YouTube has been a tool many Social Network Marketers use to gain company or product exposure. We offer consulting and marketing of your company's YouTube videos through Video Optimization for a greater presence on the major Search Engines. We hold an unlimited amount of marketing potential, yet only a very small percentage of progressive commercial entities are truly taking advantage of these opportunities. Whether you are a product, service, nightclub, event, or band, it's likely that you are already wearing many hats and have limited time to utilize all the social media network marketing tools for the maximum benefit.

What Do We Offer?
  • Marketing Plan Development.
  • Profile/Site Account Maintenance.
  • Bulk Comment & Email Promotion.
  • Find/Collect Friends in Your Target Market/Demographic.
  • Post Bulletins & Blogs.
  • Design Concept Consultation.
As a first step to marketing your business effectively, we will work closely with you to create a marketing plan which will serve as the roadmap for your marketing success. Based on your internet marketing plan and budget, we will suggest a monthly retainer package for implementing a campaign over an agreed-upon period of time.

Pay Per Click: This type of advertising allows you to bid for a word that you believe your target market is probable to search for, where in you pay whenever a user clicks on your search results. Magicsolv International helps you to augment this Pay per click for your website  marketing and increase traffic. we offer a wide range of website marketing services, combined with our expert management of pay per click advertising and usability analysis, guarantees your site an increased number of quality visitors and more importantly, increased sales.

Search Engine Marketing: Magicsolv's Search Engine Marketing solutions are designed to get the client's website noticed when potential buyers are searching on the major search engines for the products and services they have to offer. We achieve this by targeting the major search engines and directories, in order to drive self-qualified prospects to the client's site - the specific audiences that are looking for the client's products or services.

Contextual Marketing: Magicsolv International is an efficient  internet marketing firm that provides contextual marketing services. Contextual Marketing is an online promotion methodology designed to extend relevance to the end user. As the name implies, this direct advertising vehicle enables marketers to present potential clients with advertisements that are relevant to the "context" of the page being presented to the end user. Depending on the technology and provider used, advertisements can be targeted to specific URLs and/or search results pages.

Conversion Optimization: Is your site producing to the best of its ability? Have Magicsolv International's team of experts examine your site to identify opportunities to achieve immediate improvements in customer retention and traffic conversion.

Affiliate Marketing: If you're looking at creating an affiliate program, or expanding your list of affiliates on the Web, Magicsolv International can help you to identify and recruit super-affiliates and track the results.

Email Marketing: One of the fastest ways to spread the word about your business is by Email Marketing. Magicsolv International's email marketing experts will navigate and leverage this increasingly complicated website marketing vehicle. The e-mail marketing strategy formulated by us tries to ensure that you reap maximum benefits, because your appreciation is our satisfaction. Being in this business, we value client loyalty and refrain from sending incorrect information about your services.

Database Marketing: Are you harnessing the power of your data? If you have calculated the cost of acquiring new customers, you have an idea of the value of your customers. Magicsolv International maximize the effectiveness of your customer data.

Forum Posting Marketing: Our expert forum posters move to the relevant website and spread good words about the products, services or a website. These are the real places with real people. This effective technique helps to attract real customer to your website.

Mass Group Emailing: Magicsolv provides you with the best Mass Group Posting Service, we research the best relevant places or groups (Yahoo Groups, Google Groups, MSN Groups) to enhance your business. We use effective methods to manage your posts on these groups as well as customers by sending product information and collecting feedback.

Blog Commenting: We offer the Blog Commenting Services where; a huge number of people waiting to read about quality content. We exchange the reviews with bloggers to pass on our products to their visitors. This yield the real traffic and a back link as plus, which help us to get higher Page Rank.

Classified Ads Marketing: There are advertisements placed by people and businesses to let people know about items for sale and available jobs. It play the similar role as small advertisements in newspapers or magazines, divided into categories. But we do it differently, we create the ads about your products, services, websites, etc and post them to these classified websites such as,,, etc. If you have looked at the Ads posted on you can see that almost all of them are plain looking and lack any visual style. Magicsolv International assist you and also create Classified Ad postings for Craigslist that have style, color, and characters. We review your Ads before they go live on Craigslist. As USA and Europe internet marketing consultant, we provide the strategies that will help you to reach to your target market and make more profitable sales.

Others are gaining good ROI; so don't just wait, get your website benefited with our premier Internet Marketing & Online Promotion. Contact Us or ask for a Free Quote. You can always visit our Portfolio Page to view our processed project samples. We also recommend you to review our Client's Feedback.

PS: We respect all the policies of the websites/tools we use, we are here to assist you for your marketing need but not to SPAM others. We don't market PORN, so please don't contact us for any PORN RELATED MARKETING PROJECT.