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Web Design and Development

Magicsolv International, we being your ideas to life. Providing set of professional web design and web development services such as website design and website development services, website solutions and promotional services, business process outsource and corporate identity design services for its customers. We understand our clients needs. That is why we pay attention to all the website development aspects. Our well-educated website development professionals have a strong motivations of keeping a high level of quality.

"What and How We do?"

The Magic Approach: Magicsolv is offering innovative web site design services at accessible cost that are not only eye-catching, artistic in appearance but are technically sound good. We deliver websites with attractive looks with aim to build an impressive online presence that can surely represent the better image and identity of your business. Apart from being innovative, our websites are easy to load with creative animation and graphics with web 2.0 standards. Too many websites are ineffective, costing the organization behind them time, money and morale. We believe your website should work hard for your business. Our overriding objective is to create an effective website that will makes a positive and measurable impact on your business; enhancing your reputation, reinforcing your brand and market position, and helping you realize your goals and ambitions. Website marketing is sometimes considered to have a broader scope because it refers to digital media such as the Internet, e-mail, and wireless media. However, website marketing also includes management of digital customer data, electronic customer relationship management (ECRM) systems, website content writing, word processing services and much more services.

Development: Our designers and developers work closely together having technical expertise in-house means technical planning is part of our website development process from the outset. With both technical and design expertise in-house we create properly joined-up website solutions and internet solutions. Back-end systems which are robust and reliable. Front-end interfaces which are attractive, usable and properly integrated with your design and brand.

Planning & Strategy: Effective planning is crucial where technical website development is concerned. Late changes to technical systems can be costly. Without an inherent understanding of what can be achieved, mistakes are inevitable. Our in-depth technical understanding and experience means our planning is always practicable. We know what can be achieved with the resources, budget and timescales available.

Expertise: We have extensive experience of developing interactive features and web applications. We undertake full bespoke development projects, creating unique applications from simple forms and calculators to sophisticated interactive applications. We have also developed modular frameworks for many standard sites features, such as content management systems, website marketing, website solutions, site-wide search, registration and login procedures. These can be customized to your precise requirements at a fraction of the cost of building such systems from scratch.

Design: As the online embodiment of your organization's brand and values, a strong creative design in keeping with your site's message and audience are vital. Our creative design services ensure your site embodies your brand and values, creating a strong first impression which is reinforced through an elegant and intuitive user-interface.

We cover:

Web Application Development:
  • Development of web based business application.
  • Conversion of Legacy windows based application to web based application.
  • Development of E-Commerce Solutions.
  • Development of Content Management Systems.
  • Development of Workflow applications.
  • Re-engineering of existing web application.
Website Design and Development:
  • Website Design and Redesign.
  • Application front-end interface design.
  • Flash Intros and Website Design.
  • Corporate Multimedia Presentations.
  • Corporate MS PowerPoint Presentations.
  • 2D Animations.
  • Flash and Static Banners.
Graphic Design:
  • Logo Design.
  • Brand Identity.
  • Brochure Design.
  • Posters & Flyer Design.
  • Vehicle Design.
  • Signage Design.
Technical Expertise:
  1. Web Specialization:
    • Ecommerce Development - Security certifications, Integration of payment gateway & shopping carts.
    • Web Development - Specialists in PHP/MySQL (LAMP), AJAX, Java 2.0, CSS, XML, ASP, Java Servlets etc.
    • Web Designing - Specialists in MS FrontPage, Macromedia Dreamweaver and Fireworks.
  2. Database Administration:
    • MsSQL Server, MS Access and MySQL.
    • Platform specialization on 2000.
  3. Multimedia and GUI Analysis and Graphic Design:
    • Macromedia Flash.
    • 3DMax - 3D Modeling and Animation/Walkthroughs.
    • After Effects - Video Trailers for the Tradeshows (Plasma Screen Resolution).
    • Adobe Illustrator.
    • Corel Draw.
    • Adobe Photoshop.
"Why Choose Magicsolv?"

"Let's face it - there are hundreds of other web design and development agencies who all claim to build high quality, innovative websites. So why should someone commissioning a website choose Magicsolv? What makes Magicsolv different?"

The short answer is: Experience and Expertise. Magicsolv is a specialist website design firm and always has been. We're not new to this field, and we're not a company with roots in another sector doing the odd site here and there. For the last seven years we've done nothing but build high quality websites for our clients. We're experts at what we do and, frankly, all our clients benefit from that. You will find us as one of the best website design company in INDIA.

Others are gaining good ROI; so don't just wait, get your website benefited with our premier Web Design and Development. Contact Us or ask for a Free Quote. You can always visit our Portfolio Page to view our processed project samples. We also recommend you to review our Client's Feedback.